"The TORF"

A Firm Fixed Price solution to Task Order style responses

Proposal Management

We will provide the overall Task Order Response management. This includes the creation of a compliant outline and initial kickoff meeting. During kickoff, we will establish solution ideas and identify any potential sources for technical information for the responses. Included is one review cycle with up to 3 reviewers. (Red or Gold) This includes management and coordination with up to two teaming partners (Subcontractors).

Technical Solutions and Writing

Both the Technical and Management Volumes will involve a combination of previously used processes and new ideas. Once the direction is established, our writers will work with your SMEs and existing material to create a compliant and compelling narrative for the response volumes. We will work with your SMEs to develop new content whenever needed. Including in the pricing is up to 2 hours of interviews and interactions with your SMEs to refresh older content and develop new material.



Most proposals require graphics of some kind of graphics. Our experts will work with your team to develop professional graphics that help tell the story. The graphics we create will become part of your re-use library and available for other proposals.

The graphics range from simple org charts to more complex process charts that map out your in-the-field processes.

Pricing (Optional)


This is an optional feature for your proposals and is covered by an additional pricing structure. We will always help you develop an outline for the proposal volume as part of the included services. As part of the development of the technical volume, we will work with you to develop a BOE and other elements to support pricing.

The optional pricing includes pulling a salary survey (or client payroll) data and mapping them to TORFP Labor Categories, putting together a price model with options clients can manipulate. and putting together final tables and review/inputs into the cost volume. If subcontractors are involved, there is additional cost.

For more information contact Brad@8mservices.com

Frequently asked questions

Yes, most smaller TORFPs can be turned in a few business days, if needed. We understand the need for 7-day and 14-day turns, we just ask that you get them to us ASAP and don’t wait too long for the bid/no-bid decision.

We have designed the Task Order Response Factory (TORF) so that we avoid saying no whenever possible. As long as you are giving us enough lead time, we will balance our workload as a team.

The rule we will go by is “First come, first served”. If you are a customer with a signed contract with 8m and you send us a TORFP, we will not work on any competitors’ bids. We will refer competitors to other proposal managers/writers that we have a relationship with.

If we see frequent issues crop up on a specific IDIQ, we will talk with our clients to develop a solution.

We are all based in the United States and US Citizens.

We will establish an NDA and Services Agreement. We are happy to send you our template, or use an existing agreement approved by your contracts team. Once that is in place, you start the process by sending over a TORFP. We will review and respond that, “We are available and based on initial review it is XX pages.” We will confirm if we are handling pricing or not. Once everything is approved, we will start the TORF.

We will need you virtually present for a kickoff meeting of some kind. It might be our manager with one of your employees for a half hour, it might be 5 people for an hour, it will depend on the complexity of the response. From that kickoff, we will establish the technical strategy for the Task Order Response, the location of the chosen Past Performance information, and the location of any re-use that you think is appropriate. From there, if you want a review cycle, we would ask that you provide us reviewers that will put the time into getting solid feedback. It won’t help anyone if the reviews are not high quality, and we lose days that we could spend developing content. Finally, be available for questions. We try to avoid bothering you in “off time”, but sometimes we’ll need an answer to a question or a new document. Once we send the final document to you, you will do a final White Glove check, and then you submit it. Keep us informed when you win, and provide us any relevant feedback.

We are happy to take a look as long as they are quick-turn responses in the “Federal Task Order style”. We know that a lot of States are buying using Master Agreements and leveraging those for Task Order responses.

Absolutely! Our team can take the same principles used in the TORF and expand them to fit larger or more complex proposals with different development and review cycles. This could mean large scale IDIQs, or single-award contracts where you have developed a full Capture library. These would be handled on a Time and Materials basis, just send us an email for more information.