Proposal Management & Writing

taking unified messages, real win themes, and strong technical solutions and putting them forth in a winning proposal

  • Proposal Managers need to be detail oriented, singled-minded, and able to work well on diverse teams under pressure
  • ​Proposal Writers need to be able to take complex issues and technical solutions, and boil them down to language that will be understood by reviewers at any level
  • ​Solutions Architects and Technical Writers combine to develop new solutions to problems from RFPs, RFQs, and Grant Applications
  • ​Pricing is crucial in today’s LPTA and Best Value marketplace
  • When combined, good proposal managers, pricing, and writers are able to drive forward winning proposals, while developing re-use material that will benefit the entire organization
  • Our proposal team has developed winning proposals for individual awards from $1M to over $250M and IDIQs and GWACs over $5B